7 Churches 1 Day Explore Laguna Visita Iglesia 2014

The Philippines was occupied by the Spaniards for over 300 years. And one of the most evident influences they have brought in the country is Catholicism. When talking about Catholicism, we cannot forget to mention about churches.

Laguna is one of the provinces in Southern Luzon where our history flourished. Aside from the famous hero Jose P. Rizal, some of the notable products of history in the province are the old churches including the Santa Maria Magdalena Parish Church, Nagcarlan Church, and Pila Church.

Santa Maria Magdalena Parish Church

This is a baroque style church in the town of Majayjay but under the diocese of San Pablo. It was first constructed in 1820 and dedicated to Mary Magdalene. According to historians, the friars who administered the church in the Spanish colonization forced the people to pay taxes to maintain the church’s needs.

A famous Filipino hero and a soldier Emilio Jacinto sought refuge in the church. In 2019, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) announced that they will rehabilitate the church.

Nagcarlan Church

Also known as San Bartolome Apostol Parish Chruch, this baroque style church is found in the town of Nagcarlan. The church was founded in 1578 after the Spaniards successfully colonized the town of Nagcarlan. It was initially built with light materials and was reconstructed with bricks in 1752.

It has a four-storey birck bell tower which has become the icon of the church. This is where the 2005 Anne Curtis starrer series Kampanerang Kuba was taped. Because of this, the church became an instant tourist spot in the town.

Pila Church

Found in Pila, Laguna, Pila Church is also called San Antonio de Padua Parish Church. This is the first Antoine parish church in the Philippines. It was first built in 1578 and became a stone church in 1617.

The church is also home for the Pila Historic Town Center. The complex of the church includes 35 old house and were proclaimed by the National Historical Landmark (NHI) on May 2000.

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