Unleash The Archers – Legacy

As I was wandering the world
Trying so hard to find you
To give me purpose in this life I’d lost
And as I learned to forgive you
For all you’d done

Destiny opened a door
And showed you weren’t the one
Worth searching for

But as time wore away at my will to carry on
Only vengeance could take what I’d give to see it done

When I finally found the words
The ones I knew would wake you
To take you from her and to make you mine
Somehow all I felt was hollow
Please tell me why

Nothing is ever the way
You think that it should be
It’s not the same

As we stand in this place and you wonder who I am
Can’t you see in my face I’m his son, his earth and ash
And you are here as servant one last time
Together we will bring her to the light

No more hiding away in your apex again
Not when spending your days as a slave is near an end
I promise this, I vow to set you free
You are the answer, you are my legacy

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