She’s Only Sixteen – Broken Glass

Just when you thought that you’re gonna quit
You take your time and you go with it
You won’t know how wait until you try
You’re so sore until you close your eyes

What you don’t even know while your’re sitting by the phone
Late at night, out of sight, wonder who will take you home
I’m seeing myself, I’m seeing myself

Broken glasses by the cupboard
So enamored by the fiction told
Don’t act surprised, just play the part
Tears in your eyes, I know it’s hard

Used to run to one another
Back when you still called me a lover
Non sense crying over what’s been said
Secrets shared under the covers

I’m feeling tired doing nothing much
I fall asleep when the sun is up
I don’t know why I take all the time
You’re so-so, you think that you’re alright

You’re out the door, I pull you in, let’s talk about it
Pull you a chair, the coffee’s getting cold in silence
You open fire, my walls are down – I’m so defenceless
But where’s the lie? I often stay from independence

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