PARADISE RISING, Jason Dhakal – Endlessly+Tenderly

Have a taste of my skin
Don’t stop telling me tales from the book of your tongue
As we get to a scene where we leave our surroundings a mess
And all I can do is be sprung with my electrifying hands
That flow through your spirit
Let me hear all your harmonies (Harmonies)
Oh lover, I am

Oh, baby, I’m tenderly yours, yours
I’m so tenderly yours

No this ain’t an art, let’s fuck
This is the moment made from up above
This bed’s an oasis from a world so heartless, loveless
Just pause all the tears, fears, cruel
Years, doubts, pain, greed, and vain
‘Cause now, right here, currently

My darling, I’m endlessly yours, so
Hm, honey, I’m tenderly yours, yours, yours

Love of my life, you are my taste
My hearing, my sight
In all the noise you provide me with quiet
Love of my life, you’re my temptations
My dreams and desires
You are the music that’s giving me life

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