Moira Dela Torre – My Miracle

Dust has settled on the frame
It’s been a few days
You’ve kept me awake
Things are not the same

It’s true what they say
Everything feels fake
Stuck in a bad dream
But I can’t run away from here

I’ve said all my prayers
Still nothing seems fair
Where do I go from here?
How are you not here?

Come back
Come back

Cause I don’t know a world
Without you and your words
You’ve always loved me first
Made sure I knew my worth

You talked of miracles
Enchanted chronicles
You knew just what to say
You’ve always made me brave

You told me of your dreams
Far far away from here
You told me you believed
In greater, grander miracles

Greater than we can concieve
Oh, my miracle
Now dancing in heaven with strong feet

Dust has settled on the frame,
It’s been a few days
But you keep me brave
Even when things are not the same

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