Michael Pacquiao – Broken

michael pacquiao lyrics

This is for my girl
This is for my girl no
Sexy ass for my heart

Deeper than a well
I be fallin
Going through the time
When you broke my heart
Back then

In the air of thousand birds
Feeling in my skin
with a thousand words

Nothing meant to me
Than the voice I heard

Staring at the sky
When our life’s all merged

That was when the time
Nothing more occured

Voices so loud
Our hearts all turned

Always wanna change
Who are
I don’t wanna be with you
forever going so far
All girls will always be the same
Playing hearts left and right
Changing cards in the game

Why are we always to blame
When they are out here
they doing the same
Our lives always change everyday
Evil girls have the prettiest face

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