Lukas Magallano – Magic Of Love

I smile a lot whenever I’m aroud you
I laugh out loud
Even your silly jokes makes me high
I’m happier, than a bird singin rapa -paprapapa
When our eyes meet I can’t speak
Just a silly smile at you

I hear a lalalala la lalala a melody from my heart
Singin lalalala lalalalla even from the start
And when I’m blue
All I have to do
Is think of you
That’s the magic of love

Anyone anyone can catch my eye
But only you only you can catch my heart
Theres a part of me that’s gonna be
In love with you for eternity
No other one is right for me
Not after I met you

Every second in every moment
I feel happiness inside and everything feels right
I’ve never felt this way before
This feeling inside it keeps me alive

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