HONNE – Smile More Smile More Smile More

This is one for the future generation
You can ignore this if you want
Who am I to tell you what to do or not to do?
But don’t do what I did
Do what I didn’t do
Make the choices I didn’t make

Support your community
Start with your neighbour and walk outward
Introduce yourself by name
Why not go for that coffee you always end the conversation on?
Spend time with your friends and family
Call them, text them, write them a letter if you’re feeling nostalgic
It might be hard, but tell them you love them
They won’t be around forever
Respect the ground you walk on
Your kids are gonna walk on it someday too
And their kids after that
And you don’t want your grandchildren
Only seeing elephants in picture books

Get up every day
Make the bed all nice
And fling open the curtains
Feel the sun on your face
Love your body
Look into the mirror and think, “Wow! I’m amazing!”

Don’t dwell on Instagram
There far better things to do than that
But if I have to tell you one thing to change
Smile more
Just smile more

Put down your phone
See the world through your own eyes
Create memories, not JPEGs
Be creative
Learn a language
Even if it feels really awkward
Why worry about something now
That you won’t worry about a year from now?
Remember, no matter how difficult things get
The sun will always rise again tomorrow
Pay someone a compliment
The checkout assistant, the postman
You’ll probably make their day
I know it would make mine

Challenge yourself
Challenge others
Ask more questions
Bring something out of someone
That even they didn’t even know was in there
Look, no one knows where they’re going
You don’t have to follow a path or…
You don’t have to follow anything
Just do what feels right
But if I had to tell you just one thing to change
Just smile more

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