Faye Risakotta – Spinnin

See your little face again

My head is spinnin

Don’t ask or tell me why


You can go with all your friends

And tell them your opinions

Don’t need to tell them lies


Don’t you understand that

We’ve got so much more to say than

I don’t make no sense


I told you let them speak their speech out

If only you’d do all

The things that you just said


Been this way for some time

I’m looking for another line

Won’t say what’s on my mind


If their was all the times that I’ve

Look for meaning in this life

Couldn’t see with both my eyes


Don’t you understand that

Sometimes you let yourself go

To find how to get back up again


I told you it’s not their words

It’s yours you’ve played in an

Endless loop inside your head


I know it’s time to get

Over myself

Thinkin’ too hard might break


My confidence so act like you don’t care

Just think what the hell

You might just understand


Someday it all just might make sense

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