Witnessing The Descent of Angels in Pulp Summer Slam XV

Band and rock music is one of the Philippine music industry’s souls. Although many Filipino pop and ballad singers emerge, we cannot deny the fact that there are also several rock icons emerged in the industry.

To give tribute to rock and band music, and to satisfy the fans, a music production in the Philippines spearheaded an annual music event called Pulp Summer Slam.

The event features different rock bands, hip hop icons, reggae and pop rock musicians, acoustic singers, and performers with the same genre which is held every summer.

The Pulp Live World Productions, Inc. produces the show. They first held the Pulp Summer Slam on April 30, 2001 in Rosario Sports Complex in Pasig City. Because of the overwhelming success, the event became a yearly gathering of rock music fans.

It was also being partnered by different brands, such as liquor brands that make the event more exciting and more artists are engaged to attend the event.

According to the event organizers, the Pulp Summer Slam is attended by around 30,000 fans yearly. In 2010, the event held its 10th year anniversary which featured international rock icons such as Lamb of God and Testament.

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