Mocha With Spin Art

The name Mocha Uson was made popular by two reasons—her sexy image as a showbiz personality and an avid supporter of the Duterte administration which made her a government official.

Uson first made a name as a part of the sexy girl group Mocha Girls. They made an impact after releasing their first single “Patcha.” This also paved the way for Uson to enter showbiz and make several TV appearances.

She was a freelancer until she was included as a resident performer in the defunct TV5 Sunday show PO5 or Party on 5. She also entered several years in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women and graced some cover girl duties from some men’s magazines.

Later on, the sexy star slowly shifted image as a political supporter. In the 2016 presidential campaign of Rodrigo Duterte, it was evident that Uson helped a lot to collect all of Duterte’s followers in her Facebook page, Mocha Uson Blog.

And after Duterte won, Uson now became popular with her political insights and later on appointed as part of the MTRCB. She also gained some radio and newspaper stints because of her political beliefs.

She became controversial after accepting the position as Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO). In 2018, Uson announced resignation as PCOO’s Asec. Later on, she was appointed as a deputy administrator for the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

Aside from her political views and previous sexy image, Uson’s name became a buzz after some errors made in her social media accounts. She was even probed in the Senate to explain her alleged fake news delivery on her posts.

And during the pandemic, Uson is one of the personalities summoned by the NBI to explain after the alleged spread of false information and holding a mass gathering which is strictly prohibited by the government.

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