Tips On Getting Drunk Responsibly

When we see advertisements of liquors, they always advise us to ‘drink responsibly’ or ‘drink moderately.’ It is because liquors can change our behavior and state of mind when we take too much of it.

If you are wondering how to be a responsible drinker, there are several effective ways to be keep your self composed and proper even having a few shots.

First, make sure that you have eaten something, protein and carbohydrates rich food, before taking a drink. This will make you last longer in the party or where you at. This can also help you avoid suffering from hangover.

People who drink with empty stomach are most likely to be affected of the liquor since it is the only thing that your digestive system needs to process.

Likewise, make sure to be hydrated when drinking. Try to have water every now and then. Alcohol can kill vitamins and minerals in your body. According to health experts, it is advisable to take a glass of water for every glass of liquor you take.

You should also avoid mixing drinks with sugar and caffeine. Sugary or sweet liquors easily go to your head while caffeine mixed with liquors make you more energetic but will make you feel super down after.

Another thing to keep in mind to be a responsible drinker is to never drink mixes to keep you focused. Stick to one kind of alcohol when you are drinking. There are liquors that are not good to be mixed or to shift from.

Lastly, always know your limit. We always know how much drink we can take to keep our sanity. You can enjoy drinking but if you know that you will drive after the event, better avoid too much alcohol. You can swap your drink to non-liquor when you know that alcohol is starting to hit you.

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