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The Filipino culinary is a melting pot of different cultures. It has of course an Asian taste to it, but also has some western influences since we were colonized by the Spaniards and Americans. These make Filipino food more interesting and more palatable.

If you are looking for some of the best Filipino dishes, below is a list of some:


Arguably, this is the most popular Filipino dish in the world. Filipinos and foreigners alike are talking about this dish when the topic is Pinoy food. According to food historians, this dish originated through the food preservation process of the Filipino, where they soak meat in salt. The dish eventually evolved and soy sauce is now being added instead of plain salt.


Dubbed by a famous chef as the best pig dish in the world, lechon is a roasted pork, beef, or chicken dish made special by a dipping sauce made from mashed pork liver. The whole pig, chicken, or beef is roasted with special coating. They cook it for hours until the skin reaches a crunchy consistency. Many places in the Philippines have their own ways of cooking lechon.


The ultimate rival of adobo in the crown as the national dish, sinigang is also a Filipino favorite. It is dubbed as a complete meal, since it normally has meat, vegetables, and soup that give a full experience to the diners. It is also popular because of its sour taste and said to be more Asian than adobo.


This noodle dish is said to be an influence of a Chinese businessman o sell noodles called pian de sait. Because the dish has a unique taste and can fill hungry stomachs well, it became a Filipino favorite and eventually made a Filipino dish by adding other ingredients and finding other way to cook it, such as pansit luglog, pansit palabok, pansit Malabon, pansit batil patong, and pansit bato.

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