The First Tagadagat Surfing Competition At San Antonio Zambales

The archipelago of the Philippines is blessed with astounding bodies of water. With this, Filipinos can get livelihood, food, and even used in creational activities and sports. One of the emerging sports and activities in coastal areas in the country is surfing.

And when talking about surfing, we cannot fail to mention about Zambales. The surfing industry in the province started in 2001. Although there are pristine beaches and resorts in Zambales, it was only in the 2000s when they thought of making surfing an activity for their residents and tourists.

According to the writer Mark Ramos, the surfing industry in Zambales was spearheaded by his brother Emmanuel ‘Dodo’ Ramos from a beach resort in San Narciso. He was just a surfing neophyte but an enthusiast. He trained with some kids from Zambales and tried to compete in Siargao, another surfing province in the Philippines.

Since then, surfing has become an industry in the province. From a few interested, it has been a favorite activity for locals and tourists, and allured more visitors to experience Zambales. Dodo Ramos still conducts trainings for kids and other locals who want to learn the art of surfing.

This also paved the way fot the Zambales Boardriding Association to be established. They aim to make the province as the Philippines’ boardsport capital.

Surfing Competitions in Zambales

One of the most popular surfing competitions in the Philippines is also from San Narciso. In 2014, the Quicksilver Surf School started the First Ride 3 Surf Competition in the province which was held in Crystal Beach Resort.

It is open for beginners and professionals, divided in different categories, such as longboard wahine and long board male. It was opened for enthusiast from 16 years of age and over. This competition also made possible the emergence of other surfing contests in the province.

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