The Mighty Ton Burger!

One of the most popular fast food offerings in the Philippines is the hamburger or simply burger. Because of its popularity, even small food businesses in the country sell an affordable version of the combination of buns and patty.

But an American diner in the Philippines leveled up the burger experience in the country after they launched a 12-inch burger which can serve up to eight persons.

The restaurant The Porch by Casa Verde, introduced to the world their jaw-dropping whopper called The Mighty Ton which has a kilo of beef patty, 125 grams of bacon, six huge slices of cheese, with large amount of tomatoes, mushrooms, and lettuce.

There many food enthusiasts with big appetite tried to eat the whole burger alone, but failed to finish it all. The management of the restaurant suggests that it should be consumed by at least eight people or can serve more, depending on the diner’s appetite.

Of course, the gigantic burger is paired with a large serving of fries. They can choose from three different flavors, such as cheese, barbecue, or sour cream.

The Might Ton was first launched in Quezon City but now reaches different parts of the county like Cebu City.

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