The Philippine film industry has been around for a very long time, although a lot of our movies have been lost to decay and poor archiving. But with the recent work done to restore some of our Philippine classics, they can now be enjoyed by today's film goers. One of the first to have been digitally restored is Manuel Conde's Genghis Khan.

Released in 1950, Genghis Khan is a magnificent film for many reasons. Aside from excellent production design and clear story-telling, the film shows a side of Philippine cinema that we never get to see: a film that has nothing to do about the Philippines. Genghis Khan is the story of Temujin, a young warrior from one of the tribes who competes in a contest which will determine who will lead all the factions. Temujin wins due to his intelligence and becomes the leader of the Mongols. He falls in love and then is betrayed and must battle to reclaim what is rightfully his and become the legendary Genghis Khan.

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