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The Quiapo Tour : A Walk On The Wild Side
April 10, 2014

The everlasting charm of one of Manila's oldest districts~

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Why I'm Excited For Repertory's Noises Off
March 27, 2014

Noises Off is a hilarious comedy and after the success of The Producers, Repertory Philippines is sure to get us laughing all over again

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Cherie Gil Shines In Full Gallop
March 19, 2014

Full Gallop is more than a one-woman show that showcases Cherie Gil's immeasurable talent, it puts the focus on finding yourself at a crossroad

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From Comics To The Movies : The Fastest And The Furious
March 11, 2014

Warning : Spoilers!!! The Flash will be zooming to your TV screens soon!!!

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Circle In A Triangle: What The Cock?!
March 10, 2014

Following their maiden production of Closer, Red Turnip comes out with Cock: a simple play about a simple situation but with emotionally complex layers. And for a play with a very bold title, its’ staging was actually pretty subtle. 

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