We'd like to believe that the most you're guilty of this holy season is sneaking in that greasy burger on a Friday-- and yes, the drive-thru waitress was judging you. If that is in fact the naughtiest you've been since Ash Wednesday, then it's about time we turn your Lent around and shove some vegetarian eats down your throat! Why? Because they're good for you, silly.

1. Relik - Mixed Paella 

relik paella

Not just a tapas bar and go-to place for the Fort's yuppies, Relik's seafood paella is the perfect Friday pulutan to go with that bottle of lager. Good enough for sharing!

2. Terry's - Tuna Belly Tempura


Terry's ambiance may remind anyone how un-posh they actually are, and their exquisite wine selection goes perfectly with any meat on the menu. It's a good thing manchego cheese and salami aren't the only things to chomp on, because their tuna belly tempura is so perfect that it's almost sinful.

3. Uniquease - Macrobiotic sushi


Forget how you just read the restaurant's name, because for the uninformed, it's actually pronounced as "you-ni-ka-se". Macrobiotic eating, as they call it, calls for only unprocessed ingredients to go in all their dishes. How awesome is that?

4. Geisha - Edamame Risotto

geisha risotto

Risotto makes anyone salivate, and when you've got some Japanese-Italian fusion thing going on, it's bound to be either really weird or really good. Geisha's edamame risotto is light, refreshing, and very well presented. Yum!

5. Mangetsu - Fried Sawara and vegetable (with XO sauce)


All you really have to know is that it contains XO sauce-- that magic ingredient that makes anything taste like heaven! Fried sawara and vegetable stewed in a hefty amount of the beloved sauce makes for a dish that's so tasty you almost forget it's healthy!

6. Chef's Lab - Octopus Carpaccio with Lato


Definitely as festive as it looks, the octopus carpaccio will make you feel a little better about not having to order its beef counterpart. Lato is also always a great addition to any dish-- and Chef's Lab's strange concoctions make it a perfect fit. Check out their chemistry set-- beats the one at school, for sure!

7. Persia Grill - Vegetable Moussaka

persia grill

Sick and tired of those darn shawarmas? The vegetable moussaka is actually very, very good. Stewed in a hearty tomato sauce, this dish comes with yogurt and every Persian joint's signature "white sauce."

8. Gerald- Ocean Sandwich


This little French cafe is definitely gaining a following for their super fresh baguettes and really, really, strong brews. Baked fresh daily, their glorious breads are always a treat, and the ocean sandwich is by far, our favorite. 

9. Yabu - Tonkatsu Seafood Set

yabu seafood

Who doesn't love Yabu? If you can't have your serving of rosu for the week, their seafood tonkatsu set will do just fine! Always cooked to perfection, this full meal will leave you satisfied and guilt free.

10. Draft - Fish and Chips


A good 'ol serving of fish and chips can definitely brighten up anyone's day. Check out Draft's super yummy version to go along with your beer! Another pint, please.

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11. Nav - Grilled Stuffed Squid with White Shrimp

nav cuisine

Grilled squid and white shrimp marinated in olive oil and herbs-- how healthy can you get? The seafood dish is tantalizing enough, but the sauce brings it all together!

12. Pipino - Garlic noodles


Ahhh, pasta! Simple and fun, Pipino's garlic and broccoli pasta is light and refreshing, but then again, so are all their dishes! This vegetarian restaurant has so much to choose from, it'll be a shame to deprive your stomach of all this delicious (and healthy to boot) food!

For more guilt-free meals that won't break your Lenten sacrifice, check out our suggestions from last year's list.

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