It’s been more than year since our Battle Burger series, where 27 different burgers were featured and ranked based on the ratings given by staff members and selected judges. Why do we go to such lengths? For the simple reason, that is, to try and find out what exactly makes a good burger. 

There is a place that is dedicated to such an endeavor: BRGR: The Burger Project. It’s come a long way since the Western Bacon Melt from their Maginhawa branch made it to number 10 in our list last year; this year, they’ve opened their first franchise in The Grand Towers along Vito Cruz and are opening another branch along Jupiter Street in Makati soon. 

brgr: the burger project is now open in vito cruz, manila and soon to open in jupiter st. makati.

“The Burger Project” isn’t just a random name picked out of a hat. The “project” part is taken pretty seriously: customers literally get to choose what goes into their burger. The concept was born out of the search for – like the principle behind our Battle Burger – “the perfect burger”, which Burger Project’s Chef Edward Bugia says no establishment has quite captured yet. “Here in our restaurant, we give burger buffs the power and creativity to design their own ‘perfect burgers’. The name ‘Burger Project’ embodies such passionate pursuit.”

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And by “passionate”, they mean 5 different types of patties, 4 different buns, 6 cheeses, 18 premium and basic toppings, and 10 sauces to choose from. Think of all the possible burger permutations possible (you do the math). I’ve come across several burger places that offer a selection of add-ons, but none, so far, as extensive as The Burger Project’s. Here, the ingredients aren’t treated as “add-ons” but rather, the building blocks of what could be the perfect burger. What exactly is the “perfect” burger? While no one can condense that into a scientific equation, Burger Project lets you try. At the media launch, we were able to do just that, following the steps as shown in the order slip below:  

brgr: the burger project is now open in vito cruz, manila and soon to open in jupiter st. makati.

After a ridiculously long time of choosing from the drool-worthy checklist of ingredients, I made my choices and wrote “Not-So-Pasta” (an attempt to be clever) in the “name your brgr!” blank at the bottom. The “pasta” part would be the marinara sauce and sautéed mushrooms, the “not-so” bit being the mozzarella and jalapeño that I opted for instead of cheddar and pickles. The verdict: the patty (made with 100% Angus – just a P26 difference from the regular beef) had a nice, homemade texture with no weird, post-burp aftertaste. The mozzarella gave a nice bite to it, but cheddar might have been a better choice because the former was a little too subtle for my taste. The marinara made all the difference, giving a fresh flavor that fooled my body into thinking that I was having a completely low-calorie, low-cholesterol burger. In short, it was a pretty damn good burger.  

brgr: the burger project is now open in vito cruz, manila and soon to open in jupiter st. makati.

If you’re worried about the gluttony and calories involved in this pursuit, it might ease your conscience to know that they supply and make their own ingredients - from the bread to the veggies, down to the meat they use. They also shun extenders and fillers, as immediately noticeable once you bite into your burger creation. I’m not a particularly picky eater, but I like knowing that my food was procured with proper sanitation and a sense of social awareness.

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If you don’t have the time nor heart to choose from the ingredients yourself, Burger Project offers recommended combos as well. But hey, haven’t you ever dreamed of a burger that contains gruyere cheese, a triple chori patty, mango salsa, Canadian bacon, steak sauce, or all of the above and so much more? BRGR: The Burger Project allows you to get your DIY on and burger fix at the same time.

brgr: the burger project is now open in vito cruz, manila and soon to open in jupiter st. makati.

Juice tip-off:

Price: Basic burger starts at Php99
Extras: Sides include buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and sweet potato fries apart from the usual fries and onion rings. The milkshakes seemed pretty popular too.
Available for: Dine-in, take-out, reservations, and catering.

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