Whether you are anti or pro RH Bill, in just a few hours the House of Representatives will decide on the fate of that ever-controversial bill. Before you make a stand, let's have a quicky (pun intended) review on what both camps have been talking about in the past years:


"Restauro explained that improved access to basic health care, nutrition, medicines and technology—not contraceptives—are the key to reducing and eliminating maternal mortality and morbidity.

'The bill will result in the death of thousands of Filipino babies from abortifacient contraceptives and pave the way for the acceptance of other methods of abortion,' he added.

'The RH Bill contains provisions which are contrary to the teachings of the Church on faith and morals and even of pertinent provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution,' he pointed out.

Restauro also cited that the measure violates most of the Ten Commandments because it promotes greed and lust."


From www.interaksyon.com, Margie Holmes' letter to Senator Sotto:

"Admittedly, your wife can afford contraception and needs no one's help to get it. But what about the poor men and women who don't have the same resources as she? It is for them, the majority of the people you purport to care for, that this Bill needs to be passed. Not for cosseted senators' wives or those who purport to care for life and yet care nothing for the living."

From MyDailyRace.Com of Senator Pia Cayetano:

FACT 1: #RHBill gives a person freedom to choose what family planning method to use, or NOT to use any method at all.

FACT 2: #RHBill does not legalize abortion. In fact, it explicitly adheres to the penal law on abortion.

FACT 3: #RHBill does not impose an ideal family size and leaves this decision to couples.

FACT 4: #RHBill respects the religious convictions and cultural beliefs of all.

FACT 5: #RHBill will not teach a 10-year-old how to use condoms. RH education is age- and development- appropriate.

FACT 6: #RHBill promotes BOTH natural & artificial methods.

FACT 7: Contraceptives are safe and effective family planning tools

FACT 8: #RHBill will not indiscriminately distribute condoms to all.

FACT 9: An average of 11 mothers die daily. That’s a fact.

FACT 10: #RHBill will not force anyone to act against their ethical or religious beliefs.


An excerpt from his blog: 

"Sixth, we should be careful not to distort what the RH Bill says. The RH Bill does not favor abortion. The bill clearly prohibits abortion as an assault against the right to life.

Seventh, in addition, I hold that abortifacient pills and devises should be banned by the Food and Drug Administration. However, determining which of the pills in the market are abortifacient is something for the judicial process to determine with the aid of science experts. Our Court has already upheld the banning of at least one device found to be abortifacient.

Eighth, I am dismayed by preachers telling parishioners that support for the RH bill ipso facto is a serious sin or merits excommunication! I find this to be irresponsible.

Ninth, I claim no competence to debate about demographics.

Tenth, I have never held that the RH Bill is perfect. But if we have to have an RH law, I intend to contribute to its improvement as much as I can. I hold that the approval of the RH Bill today will not end all debate about it. It will only shift the arena for debate from the raucous and noisy rally fields to the more sober judicial arena where reason has a better chance of prevailing."


Question: Hey Juice readers, what are your thoughts on the RH Bill?

Michael Peralta: ‎~brings out popcorn~

Cool Dudes: According to the 2003 National Demographic and Health Survey: “The desired fertility rate of Filipino women is 2.5 children per woman. However, the actual total fertility rate is 3.5 or a difference of one child because of the lack of information and absence of access to family planning.”
“The current unmet need for contraceptives for example is 23.15% for poor women and 13.6% for women who are not poor."

Cool Dudes: Gabriela Women's Partylist: “We would like, however, to express our concern at how the ongoing debates inside and outside of Congress on the RH bill appears to highlight the crafting of a national policy with a population control agenda and overshadows the bill’s positive provisions, specifically its commitment to ensure as a matter of state policy and responsibility women’s access to healthcare and women’s right to informed choice.”

Karen Lee Tango: PRO! Present options (not coerce!) and provide access to reproductive health services.

Nikki Salazar: In this age, we have become lukewarm Christians. We go with what the majority thinks is right without basing it on God's truth. RH Bill will result in premarital sex, which has more negative emotional and spiritual implications than physical ones. It will result in abortion, divorce, same-sex marriage, and these other immoral acts. The real problem we are facing is lack of education and lack of values formation. These are the things the government should focus on, not band aid solutions.

Camille Himala: Contraception no more causes sex than umbrellas cause rain. Pass the RH Bill.

If you can make a vote, what side will you be on?

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