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JAMBA will finally JUICE up The Philippines!!!

Posted on May 03, 2011 by Spanky Hizon Enriquez

In 1997, my nephews in San Francisco were going gaga over something called “Jamba Juice”.  One of them, Bugsy, practically demanded that he have it every single day because it was “healthy”. 

Well it certainly is, but to the chagrin of his Uncle Spanky, who treated him to several large tumblers of the stuff, also quite expensive.  Back then, 14 years ago, the large sized smoothie already cost around $2.00.  These days, a large Jamba with all the “boosts” can cost as much as five bucks.... just like Starbucks!

So perhaps that’s the kind of pricing we can expect when California’s #1 Smoothie Company finally finds its way to Manila.  But like Starbucks, I don’t think JJ will have a problem establishing a strong and loyal market base in the Philippines despite its pretty steep price points.  Like Starbucks, I’m sure Jamba Juice will be an aspirational “lifestyle” drink.  A destination more than a mere beverage.

Jamba’s already become so popular among Pinoy tourists in the Bay Area, a “tribute” smoothie company even opened at The Fort a few years back: it was called, with typical Filipino humor, “Chamba Juice”.

But at long last, the real thing will be made available here.  This is really good and substantial stuff.  One large glass of the Jamba makes for a filling and very healthy “lunch”.  Their Juices are almost as thick as McDo milkshakes, and are made from the customer’s choice of fresh fruits, fro-yo, sherbet, soy, or milk.

In addition to the fruity goodness, a selection of “boosts” such as Soy Protein™, Daily Vitamin™,   Immunity™, and Antioxidant Power™ Super Boosts are available for that extra boost of energy.

A big shout out to the House that Fried Chicken Built, for finally allowing fans to taste Jamba Juice locally. 40 stores are expected to open in the next few years, with the first set to debut in late 2011. Thanks, Max’s!


Xie-Xie for Chinese Style Fried Chicken!
Eat All You Can Lechon!

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