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An adjunct lager and German pilsner are similar beer styles. An adjunct lager is a light bodied beer that is pale and fizzy. This beer type was made popular by American breweries after the Prohibition. It struts low bitterness, thin malts, and moderate alcohol content. A German pilsner, on the other hand, is an offshoot of the pale lager. It is usually mild in flavor and is highly recommended to be served refrigerated. This kind of beer is generally golden in hue with mild hoppiness and a crisp finish.

Paulaner Premium Pils

The Viking

4.8% ABV
The Pils, not Pilsner you newb, is the King of brews in Bavaria, where the style was nurtured and raised to become light colored and heavily hopped, resulting in a crisp, bitter beer, with toasty flavors that would make Hagar the Horrible proud. That’s pronounced Hay-gar. Get with it.

Menu Match: Hobbit House, Fresh Corned Beef Sandwich
Price:P140, 330ml


The Euro Bro

5% ABV
We’re not sure if the tagline “I’ll have it bottled, not canned – and make sure it’s cold” has the same ring as the suave “shaken, not stirred.” But the Dutch giant, dubbed the Budweiser of Europe, is paying the big bucks (a reputed $45 million) for James Bond to leave his signature vodka martinis behind for the fizzy, light-tasting, corn-smelling adjunct lager. Next thing we know, Colonel Sanders will replace M.

Menu Match: Hooters, Buffalo Wings
Price: P77, 330ml